Production Brakes, New & Remanufactured

We offer all types of brake shoes including cast shoes, new and reman with different lining options to suit the required application and we carry a large selection of drums. We also carry platinum shoes that are coated with Meritor®'s PlatinumShield™ coating that resist rust-jacking and provide extended life for the shoe.

Custom Brakes

Custom Brake Relining

We custom reline a variety of shoes, including:

  • Band Brake Relining
  • Elevator Emergency Brake Relining
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Forklift Brakes
  • Machinery Brakes
  • Vintage Automotive/Restoration
  • Off Road Equipment Brakes

Custom Lining Options
(Bonded, Riveted or Bolted)

Roll Stock Brake Lining

Roll Stock

Flexible used for custom relined shoes, brake bands...

Fiber Non-Metallic Hard Slab Brake Lining

Hard Slab

Non-aggressive lining for flat surfaces.

Woven Brake Lining


More aggressive premium lining used primarily in industrial applications.