One Stop for All Your Cable Needs

Dayton Clutch is a proud assembler of Cablecraft motion control cables. Whether you're looking for bulk quantities or a single cable, our certified assemblers can custom make your control cables based on your specifications or per sample, with minimum lead time and shipped nationwide.

Push-Pull Cable

Push-Pull Cables

Our Custom Push-Pull Cables range from very light duty to heavy duty with cable travel up to 6" (longer travel available for select cables). We offer Utility, Low-Friction-EXT & Blue Max™ cable constructions. Rest assured that our qualified team will build you the right cable for the right job.

Pull Only Clutch Cable

Pull-Only Cables

Our Pull-Only Cables include Brake (3000 Series and 1500 Series with a variety of clevises, including Open Strap Clevis, Step Strap Clevis and Closed Strap Clevis), Clutch (Generic clutch replacement, General Motors® style clutch cable and Mack Truck® style clutch cable.) and Accelerator (Throttle Cables).

Control Head Cables

Control Head Cables

Our Control Head Cables include Micro Adjust, Twist Lock with two available handles (2.38" Plastic Handle & 3.5" Metal Handle) and Non-Lock with three available mountings (3/8" - 24 UNF, 7/16" - 20 UNF and 5/8" - 18 UNF). The travel on these cables goes up to 3" (up to 6" available for some cables). Low Friction-EXT, Utility and Bristow constructions are available (with some exceptions).

Cable Components

Cable Components

Our Cable Components include Slip Clevis, Female Threaded Eye Ends, End Rod Thread Adapters, Threaded Pivots, Wire Stop/Pivot, Wire Stop, U-Bolts, VLD/LD Mounting, Strap Clamps and Shims, Compression Springs, Bellows, Spring Return Kits, Umbrella Seals, Knobs/Handles, Hydrobacks, Spool Valve Adapters, Modulator Assemblies and Replacement Cables.

Other Offerings

DCJ offers a variety of other cables including, Quick Stick Cables, Modulator Cables, Joy Stick Cables, Remote Valve Control Cables(Spool Valve / Husco Valve) and Automotive Shift Cables (B&M®/Dodge®/Hurst®).


Since the manufacturer is unable to determine all applications in which a part may be placed, it is the user’s responsibility to determine the suitability of the part for its intended use. This is especially true where safety is a factor. Incorrect application or installation may result in property damage, bodily injury, or death. For technical assistance, call 260-749-5105.