Is Carbon Fiber Right for You?

With 3 times the strength of steel and half the weight a carbon fiber driveshaft may be a good choice for your application. Being lightweight and stronger means the critical speed of the shaft can be increased significantly. These factors also mean you can reduce the diameter of the shaft if your specific application has a tight clearance without sacrificing torque capacity.

Carbon Fiber Advantages
  • Reduce mass – Steel tubes will have almost double the rotational mass of a carbon fiber shaft. Utilizing carbon fiber will speed up the time it takes for a car to get off the line.
  • Increase critical speeds – The increased strength of carbon fiber means you can have higher rotational speeds and/or longer driveshaft lengths.
  • Minimize package size – Maintain your torque capacity needs in a smaller diameter, lighter shaft.
  • Reduce driveline stress – Flexibility enhances capabilities and critical speed compliance.
Performance Series™ Components

Our carbon fiber driveshafts are manufactured utilizing Neapco’s standard carbon fiber tubing and Performance Series components. We also offer Neapco’s Performance Series carbon fiber tubing with TrakHook™ Technology. This is the aftermarket’s only matched carbon fiber driveshaft system for ultimate strength, fatigue resistance and durability. There are four available options for your specific needs, stiff, standard, flex and super-flex.

  • STIFF Best for tracks that have optimum / ideal track preparation – or when the driver wants to increase the ease of breaking traction.
  • STANDARD – For normal tracks, designed as the go-to solution.
  • FLEX – For poorly prepped tracks, or ideal street conditions. This wind increases the protection of powertrains on rough or irregular surfaces when operating under high loads.
  • SUPER-FLEX – For regular to poor street prep conditions. This wind allows extreme compliance and protection when drivers need to handle high shift loading, such as competition rock climbing and hard launching.
What will you need to know before contacting us about a new carbon fiber driveshaft?

When you call us to discuss a new carbon fiber driveshaft we will ask you what is your application? For example;
“I have a 1971 Chevelle with Powerglide transmission and a Ford 9 inch rear end”

We will also ask:
  • Rear end gear ratio
  • Transmission ratio (If manual, ratio of each gear)
  • Horsepower
  • Torque
  • Tire size
  • Car weight


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