Heavy Duty Clutch

Heavy-Duty Clutches

Heavy duty clutches are used for applications that require both high RPMs and high torque. While the clutch in a personal vehicle typically has only one disc with organic facing material, a heavy-duty clutch will normally have two discs with ceramic button facings for more aggressive holding power.

Over Center Clutch Before/After

Over-Center Clutches

Over-center clutches, also known as power take-offs (PTOs), are used to transmit engine power, through a drive shaft, sprocket, or sheave, to a secondary apparatus. They typically consist of a clutch assembly seated within a cast iron or other material housing. Over center clutches are often used in crushers, rock chuckers, chippers, pump drives, construction, and agricultural machinery, marine and for other various applications.

Agricultural Clutch Before/After

Agricultural Clutches

Agricultural clutches are designed for lower RPM applications with high torque. They are typically a two-plate system with a drive disc and PTO disc. Agricultural clutches are often used in tractors, combines, sprayers and other agricultural equipment that do not operate at high speeds.

Clutch For an International Super Scout

Vintage and Performance Clutches

For some older vehicles it is hard to find a new replacement clutch when the original has broken down. It is common for the pressure springs to lose tension over time or from corrosion, causing the clutch to slip when they can no longer adequately hold the pressure plate against the disc and flywheel. Oil and dirt contamination is another common occurrence. Having your vintage clutch rebuilt can keep an older vehicle on the road and in show condition. If you are adding a few horsepower to your classic car, you may also need to upgrade some of the clutch components to handle the extra torque.

Clutch Failures

Common examples and issues to help you learn and diagnose clutch failures.