Custom Driveshafts

DCJ, inc. is simplifying the process to submit a request for quote (RFQ) for custom driveshafts for a quicker response and accurate measurements.

This is an active and ongoing process that will continue to evolve and improve and we welcome any feedback and suggestions from our customers by using the Contact Form or email us at with your thoughts.

Heavy Duty Applications


DCJ can custom manufacture your heavy-duty driveshaft(s) to fit your application. We utilize high quality parts from our trusted driveline manufacturers and build to order. Please use the “Interactive Driveshaft Builder” below to submit your request for driveshafts utilizing the below series.

  • 1710
  • 1810
  • RPL20
  • RPL25
  • RPL35
  • SPL170
  • SPL250
  • SPL350


Light/Medium Duty Applications


For all other series not listed above, please submit your request with the Contact Form, provide as much details as possible and upload any relevant documents or prints.
We encourage you to fill out our driveshaft measurement form to submit with your request.