Push-Pull Cable

Standard Push-Pull Cables

Full range of push-pull controls that provide a means of transmitting linear motion from one location to another. They offer ease of installation as well as superior performance.
Push-Pull Cables are made with tough/durable materials with long lasting seals that keeps them environmentally protected withstanding temperatures between -65°F — 230°F
These cables are suited for implement and throttle control, PTO/4WD and valve activation, remote battery and electrical disconnect, transmission shift, hydrostatic drives and latches.

Blue MaxPush-Pull Cable

Blue Max™ Push-Pull Cables

The Blue Max™ motion control cable line is the high performance control cable to solve your push-pull requirements.
This superior control is born of aviation engineering design, with extreme low friction and minimal loss of motion. Offering unparalleled performance with the finest, smoothest feel in the industry.
This outstanding design is excellent for long runs with complicated cable routing while being extremely efficient on shorter runs.

Along with a true 4-inch minimum bend radius, lubed for life, and binder wired PTFE core conduit, the outer jacket is resistant to abrasions, gasoline, diesel, and chemicals. If you are seeing red over your control problems, make the Blue Max high performance line of cables your next move.

Blue Max cables are only available with 10-32 & M5 x .8 end rod threads.

Custom Length Cables

A - Duty (Load capacities & length of travel)

Load capacities and length of travel
Push-Pull Diagram-1

B - Conduit End Fittings

  • Type T
    Threaded Conduit End Fitting for bulkhead mounting.
  • Type G
    Grooved Conduit End Fitting for mounting with U-bolts or clamps.

C - Overall Length & Travel in Inches

For Replacement Cables

  • 1 Remove old cable
  • 2 Measure length as shown below
  • 3 Measure length of travel, 1" through 6"
    (7" & 8" travel are available for select sizes)
  • 4 Determine size of thread "F" Select basic part number from the table above

For New Cables

  • 1 Determine overall length.
  • 2 Measure travel required. Add 1/4" and then round upward to nearest whole inch.
  • 3 Determine loads and select basic part number from the table above
Overall Length


Since the manufacturer is unable to determine all applications in which a part may be placed, it is the user’s responsibility to determine the suitability of the part for its intended use. This is especially true where safety is a factor. Incorrect application or installation may result in property damage, bodily injury, or death. For technical assistance, call 260-749-5105.